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Power Up Your Software Growth in Japan with Our Proven Marketing Tactics

The only team in Japan comprised seasoned software marketing leaders and ex-country managers. We are ex-Google, ex-Microsoft, ex-Adobe, ex-Salesforce and more. We have track record of building profitable business for software scale ups in Japan. We operate off on our proven playbook and help software companies amplify awareness, generate leads and get results.

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Content Marketing

Every modern marketer understands the importance of content marketing. Yet few can execute their strategy successfully beyond their home market.

We analyze your Japanese prospects's area of interest, execute tailor-made content strategies, and increase inbound leads.

  • Record your work.
    Understand what your local prospects are interested and address their pain with educational content
  • Systematized and measurable execution
    Continuously deliver high quality content and measure the success on a regular basis.
  • SEO-rich content delivery
    Research keywords your audience is searching and understand where you can win the competition

Performance-based Partnership Marketing

Find best media and influencer partners that can amplify your brand and bring leads. Minimize the risk and maximize the return by only paying for results.

  • Discover niche business partners
    Expand customer reach, amplify your brand and drive conversions.
  • Design commission with flexibility
    Only pay for your desired goals without wasting money
  • Full control and transparency
    Always be confident where and how your messages appear and fine tune them based on results

About Akito Sato, the founder

Akito founded Ghosts Group with the mission to make it easier for global software companies to successfully build their business in Japan.

Prior to it he was the Japan country manager of Turn, an American ad tech company where he successfully guided the business to EBITDA-positive in 3 years. Before joining Turn, Akito worked at Google and led the GTM of DoubleClick AdX, DV360 (fka DoubleClick Bid Manager), Campaign Manager (fka DFA) Search Ads 360 (fka DoubleClick Search) in early 2010s.

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